The London Beekeepers' Association

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What we do

The London Beekeepers' Association (LBKA) is a registered charity that exists to promote the craft of beekeeping, including education of its members and interested members of the general public. We provide training, promote best practice and offer advice, support and education to beekeepers, organisations and the public.

LBKA members and their bees are very important to us, as are the difficulties faced by other beneficial insects in the challenging urban environment of Innner London. We provide education and support so that London's beekeepers can enjoy this fascinating hobby and ensure their bees are kept well and responsibly. But we also promote the needs of pollinating insects other than honey bees, through members' events, media appearances, public outreach and collaborations with local councils, other organisations and academics.

Beekeeping in London presents special challenges. It is crucial that new beekeepers have the right level of competence to manage their colonies, recognise disease, minimise swarming and avoid their bees being a nuisance to the public. Therefore our courses include a season of mentoring with LBKA volunteers, all of whom have excellent beekeeping experience. We encourage members to take the BBKA Basic Assessment - which provides the information and confidence to keep bees - and offer free revision classes and support for this and other BBKA Modules

London is also a challenging environment for other beneficial insects. The number of managed honey bee colonies in London has doubled in recent years; building developments continue to reduce the opportunity for the planting of large flowering trees; budget cuts have lead to increased low-maintenance non-flowering planting in many public open spaces. The associated increase in competition between insects for diminishing food sources is particularly damaging to wild populations of social and solitary bees, hoverflies, butterflies, moths, wasps and beetles. We are working hard for collaborations with environmental groups, business, councils and other beekeeping associations to promote our pro-forage message. We are also working with researchers studying the diseases and the pesticides that affect these insects and using their findings to inform the debate. Many of our members are involved in community and outreach bee projects. We often visit schools and attend events where we gladly share our knowledge of bees and forage with the wider public. And we develop and deliver forage-planting projects throughout the capital.

The London Beekeeping Association is the voice for London's beekeepers, bees and wild polinators. We seek to engage with anyone interested in bees and other beneficial insects,and you don't have to be a beekeeper to join us.

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