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We are grateful to Ashurst for sponsoring our forage-creation programmme.

Please contact us if you'd like to find out how you can support our education, training and forage-creation projects.


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We are run by volunteers and try for offer a first-rate service for our members and the wider public, and work hard towards having happy bee keepers and healthy bees.

We have a great team and are thankful to members who offer up their time and experience to support the committee.

If you think you have a swarm, see our swarms page.

General enquiries: For general enquiries, please contact Natalie Cotton on

Membership: For queries relating to your membership, please contact Aidan Slingsby on

Courses: For course information, please email

Education: For other education-related queries and find out how we support members to obtain their BBKA certificates, contact Howard Nichols on

Buying bees: If you'd like information about purchasing bees, please see our buying bees page and email

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The committee were voted in by members at the AGM on 11th November 2015.

The committee as a whole body has a general duty to initiate, decide and confirm general matters of policies, strategies and implementation that will guide the elected officers. In addition, it is required to appoint and instruct a delegate to the BBKA to reflect LBKA policy at the BBKA Annual Delegates meeting and any similar national or local forums that are relevant. Elected officers will also be responsible from time to time for overseeing the work of co-opted committee members and volunteer members working in furtherance of LBKA's aims.

All elected and co-opted committee members will be bound by the LBKA's Code of Conduct for Committee Members.

Chair: Richard Glassborow

Oversees: inspiring and leading by example; developing and maintaining the strategic vision of LBKA; building unity and purpose within the organisation; promoting LBKA message to members and the wider public; carrying and chairing committee meetings; attending BBKA meetings and AGM; representing the association at formal or informal events where necessary; liaising with neighbouring associations in the furtherance of LBKA aims and policies.


Secretary: Natalie Cotton

Oversees: ensuring the smooth running of and a co-ordinated approach to all committee work; facilitating all aspects of committee meetings, the AGM and any EGMs as required; responsible for compiling and distributing agendas and for minuting meetings and distributing minutes; online record keeping; assisting the Chair in promoting of LBKA internally and externally.


Treasurer: David Hankins

Oversees: keeping an accurate set of accounts in compliance with any legal obligations, including the preparation of annual accounts; ensuring the safe keeping and appropriate distribution of all income and expenditure; seeking to maximise the value of LBKA assets through low risk investment strategies and best value procurement practices; overseeing website web retail if required. May be required to take on specific financial responsibilities if the association applies for CIO status.


Membership Services Officer: Aidan Slingsby

Oversees: Maintaining an accurate register of members in accordance with data protection requirements and administer their BBKA registration, Bee Disease Insurance, BeeCraft and Beekeepers Quarterly subscriptions; assisting the Secretary, Treasurer and Resources officer in all aspects of internal and external communication and membership finances; maintaining content on the official LBKA website according to requirements; editing and delivering the Newsletter, overseeing the delivery of services to members that are not the direct responsibility of other elected officers, including periodically canvassing members as part of a service review in order to further develop an attractive range of member benefits.


Education: Howard Nichols

Howard shepherds our members through BBKA Exams and Assesments and oversees Education on committee. He is also a LBKA Mentor.

Oversees: organising the delivery of BBKA examination tutoring and arrange for assessments/examinations of Basic and modules to be carried out; liaising with the NBU on health-education matters; overseeing distribution of best-practice and advice to members through monthly meetings, an annual bee-health day, winter lectures, a mentoring scheme for both new beekeepers and new mentors, and otherwise as appropriate; promoting members' fulfilment of National Bee Health Strategy; overseeing a schedule of fee-paid courses for members of the public, as the resources/capacity of LBKA allow.


Forage officer: Mark Patterson

Beekeeper and Community Manager with national environmental charity Groundwork, Mark has strong credentials in the fields of community gardening, urban agriculture, ornithology, fundraising and horticulture.

Oversees: developing and managing LBKA forage policy; producing forage educational literature; managing forage enquiries and opportunities; managing and distributing LBKA seed packs, etc.; responding to and manage forage planting opportunities; liaising with local authorities to encourage improved forage in London boroughs.


Events: Emily Abbott

Oversees: organising and coordinating events.


Resources: Tristram Sutton

Oversees: our equipment.


Apiaries: Vlad Zamfir


Emma Nye


Mentoring: Elliot Hodges

Oversees: our mentoring programme.

Thanks... our other sub committee members and volunteers.

You can read our constitution here. If you would like to be more involved with helping at the LBKA then please contact Emily Abbott.

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