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We can provide statistics and other information to inform newspaper and magazine articles, blogs entries and other types of communication.

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NBU's Annual report for the SE in 2013

National Bee Unit's Annual Report for the SE region

A review of the beekeeping year in the SE including pests and diseases, the weather, a European pilot study and honey.

Decline in bee numbers

To bee or not to bee by Karin Alton and Francis Ratnieks, The Biologist

Karin Alton and Francis Ratnieks' article in "The Biologist" about the decline in bee numbers explains why encouraging urban beekeeping may not be the answer.

Bees in the City

Bees in the City, BBKA statement, August 2013

BBKA's statement describes pressures on forage from the increasing interest in beekeeping.

Impact of the unseasonal UK 2012 weather on honey bees

Wild Weather in 2012: London. BBC1. December 2012

In a year of unseasonal weather for the UK, Angela Woods and Karin Alton talk about the impact this has had on honey bees and the importance of forage creation in large cities such as London.

Low 2012 honey yields in London

Where did the honey go?. Here's One I Made Earlier. December 2012

Bad weather has largely been blamed for the low honey yields in London (78% lower than last year), but lack of food for London's increasing honey bee population may also be partly to blame. Angela presents this case, calling on everyone to help provide more forage (flowers that provide food) for pollinating insects (see our guidance) as the most effective way we can help bees. Angela's full unedited interview is also available.

Planting for bees

London Tonight. ITV. April 2012.

Liz Gill features in a London Tonight segment about planting bee-friendly plants.

Is there enough forage for urban bees?

WNYC News. ITV. April 2012.

Angela Woods contributed to the debate about the lack of bee forage in cities in an article about lack of forage in New York.

Big Buzz and Flutter

June 2012.

Angela Woods talked about LBKA and beekeeping in London at the The Big Buzz and Flutter festival, part of the 2012 Chelsea Fringe Festival.

Too many bees in London?

Evening Standard. June 2012.

LBKA contributes information to an article in the Evening Standard about the problem of too many bees in London for available forage and calls for more emphasis on providing suitable forage for bees.

Sharon Bassey profiled

Sharon Bassey is profiled in this article which gives her views on beekeeping, concerns about lack of food for bees in cities and why she thinks London honey is the best.

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